Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Final Blog Entry

Headlines are one of, if not, the most important parts of a story. A headline can either make or break whether a reader will read the story or not. I feel that a clever or witty headline is more effective than one that sacrifices cleverness or "personality." I think the clever headline or the headline with "personality" is what draws the reader in. For example, if a speaker were to come into a classroom and start off with a joke, he is most likely able to gain the students' attention by telling that joke rather than simply just stating his purpose in the classroom.

I think it is possible to combine both the cleverness and the facts into one phrase that will hook the audience. One rule to go by is to try to fit a pun or play on words in the headline, but to also state a who, what, when, where, why, or how component in there as well. That way the audience can have some kind of sense of what the story is about while being drawn into it with the cleverness of the headline.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Profanity Debate

I think profanity is profanity no matter how many letters are hidden in the word. Although some journalists may feel that by keeping the quote how it is may add accuracy to the story, it is also inappropriate to a younger audience. This day and age, children of all ages are brought up to rely on technology and are exposed to everything on the Internet, television, and in newspapers. I think the same standards should be held for the Internet and newspapers. I think that by just stating that profanity was used in the story would prove that the people were passionate about the events that took place. There shouldn't be different treatment for Internet stories and newspaper stories. Younger audiences are capable of being exposed to both and it is unacceptable to print profanity when there is a chance that they may see it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Punctuation Exercise

Edit the following sentences. Pay particular attention to the correct use of apostrophes, colons and commas.

Down syndrome has been linked to a defect on a tiny slice of one of the human chromosomes, an important step toward prevention and treatment of the disorder researchers said Saturday.

“By mapping a gene, you can find it, isolate it, and develop new means of therapy,” said Dr. Frank Ruddle of Yale University one of the organizer’s of the conference.

At the Ninth International Gene Mapping Workshop two years ago in Paris, scientists had mapped about 1000 human genes.

The announcement of 400 new genes Saturday, brings the total to nearly 2000, an increase of more than one-fourth over what it was two weeks ago.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service has proclaimed the law a clear success, but the current administration has yet to put its own stamp on immigration policy.

“The legislation bought time for everyone and made the problems more manageable for a while,” said Leonel J. Castillo, former I.N.S. commissioner.

The law offered legal status to immigrants who had lived in the United States continuously since before Jan. 1, 1982 and imposed penalties on employers who knowingly hired illegally.

He said he had but one thing on his mind: sleeping.

Gardeners who wear broad brimmed hats, coveralls, and heavy duty gloves while using an electric hedge clipper to trim bushes, are displaying common sense—but not enough of it says the American Optometric Association.

The garb protects the face from the sun , and clothing and hands from the wear and tear of yard work, but the eyes are left exposed and vulnerable to flying twigs leaves and other debris.

- Courtesy, “Creative Editing.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Journalistic experiences and career aspirations

My name is Sharon Carpenter and I am 22 years old. I grew up in River Vale, NJ (North Jersey) and I still reside there. I live there with both parents and a younger brother. I graduated from Pascack Valley High School in 2004 and continued my education here at Rowan University. Snowboarding, the NY Yankees, I Love Lucy, and people are my passions in life.
My journalism interest started when I realized that I had a passion for writing. I love to write, but tell stories that are true. That led me to the path of journalism.
I started out as a public relations major, but I didn't enjoy sugar coating everything. I enjoyed reporting and interpreting the truth to the public. I decided that journalism may be the path that would allow me to pursue an interest like this one.
At first I wanted to be a sports journalist. My ideal goal was to work for ESPN and write either on their online journals or their magazine. As I began to take more and more journalism classes I found that I didn't want to be limited to strictly sports.
Unfortunately, as I took more and more classes in journalism and gained more writing experience, I found out that journalism was not something I wanted pursue in the future. My career aspirations changed to something more along the lines of human resources. I found out, through conducting so many interviews in journalism, that I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the interviewing.
I have had the opportunity to write for The Whit. This has been a great experience to write for a college crowd. I have also experienced a taste of broadcast journalism at Studio News, which is an internal news company run by the Walt Disney World company. I got to experience what broadcast journalism is comprised of and shadow the staff that worked for them. I enjoyed the broadcast side of journalism more than the print side, but it was confirmed that journalism would not be my career.
Journalism has taught me a lot about writing. I learned the right way to write clearly, but not too verbose. My grammar has improved even in my speech. I do not regret majoring in journalism because it has taught me exactly what I want to do later on in my life.
Although my career aspirations changed, I learned a lot from my journalistic experiences and it was those experiences that formed my opinions today.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Published Articles

Hopping out the Door

By Sharon Carpenter

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AUDOBON- When visiting a chain restaurant, people can usually count on consistently. This particular IHOP in Audobon was a little different than most others I have visited.

The International House of Pancakes is a family-orientated comfortable chain restaurant. They are renown for mostly their pancakes and breakfast items, but they serve a wide variety of lunch and dinner items too. The items at IHOP are moderately priced, but the food is high quality.

I should have known how the meal was going to progress when I first entered the doors. Although there wasn’t any wait time on this particular Saturday afternoon, the cleanliness of the restaurant was at first glance a little on the messy side. The atmosphere of the restaurant was nonchalant and a comfortable setting, but maybe a little too comfortable. As my dining partner and I sat down, we were surrounded by families of all sizes. There were a couple people actually dining alone for this particular meal.

As we were seated at our table, I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling as my elbows stuck to the leftover syrup on the table from the previous people’s meal. The table was not cleaned and my dining partner was missing silverware.

The waitress took a while (about 15 minutes) to greet us and take our order. She did not know much about the contents of the menu and she had a negative attitude about wanting to wait on us.

We declined on any kind of appetizers as the meal portions were large enough for us. I ordered a Cinnamon Swirl French Toast platter, which included two eggs any style, sausage or bacon, and hash browns. (PRICE.) My dining partner ordered a Big Basic which included three eggs any style with either ham, bacon or sausage, and three buttermilk pancakes. My dining partner asked for a little zest with her meal and ordered chocolate chip pancakes instead of regular buttermilk pancakes.

Our food seemed to take forever, but I’m sure it was because we were starving. When the food finally arrived, my dining partner was immediately disappointed when they brought her chocolate pancakes instead of chocolate chip pancakes. When she asked for her order to be corrected, the waitress seemed confused to what chocolate chip pancakes were. Weren’t we at a pancake house?

As I dug into my plate with much excitement, I was immediately disappointed. My scrambled eggs were cold and my hash browns were mostly burned. The three sausage links I received were delicious though. The best part of my meal was the cinnamon swirl French toast. The cinnamon bun was drenched in a sugar frosting and cinnamon and brown sugar were sprinkled throughout the bun. The French toast was delectable and I couldn’t complain about the sausage.

The Big Basic’s scrambled eggs and bacon were cold as well. Once my dining partner was done eating she finally received her pancakes which were cooked correctly this time. The warm buttermilk pancakes had chocolate chips sprinkled throughout. They were delicious and well worth the wait. Speaking of wait, we hadn’t seen the waitress in about 20 minutes or so.

Overall, the service and atmosphere of the restaurant were terrible. The waitress was not knowledgeable of the menu, she wasn’t anywhere to be found, and her customer service skills were absolutely despicable. The food was decent; however the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast and chocolate chip pancakes were delicious and gave us some hope for the restaurant. It was not enough hope to make me ever want to go back to this particular IHOP again.



Chain: International House of Pancakes, 110 Blackhorse Pike Audubon, NJ 08106-1950, (856) 310-1050. Other nearby locations at 285 Route 73 North W. Berlin, NJ 08091-2500, (856) 753-8404; 3 Snyder Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148-2722; (215) 339-5095.

Atmosphere: Family-oriented. The setting is comfortable; however it is unclean.

Price: Moderately priced. A meal for two people including drinks and all sides comes out to be $21.24.

Portions: Portion size can be adjusted by the discretion of the eater. Since IHOP offers a lot of combination platters, each person that visits the restaurant will have a different amount of food to choose from.


Leftovers would be small, and most people do not take home breakfast food.


No smoking

Overall: This particular IHOP did not fulfill the expectations of the chain. The food, atmosphere, and cleanliness of the restaurant was below average and very disappointing for people who are expecting a certain quality and experience at IHOP they usually receive from other chains.

Rating: 2.5/5

Published Articles

Solution to Assaults

By Sharon Carpenter

Thursday, October 4, 2007

GLASSBORO- The last thing students at Rowan University expected to hear when they returned to class after a fun-filled Labor Day weekend was news of their peers being robbed and sexually assaulted. These unfortunate events took place in the early hours of Saturday, September 1 at Beau Rivage Townhouses in Glassboro, NJ.

At 2:41 A.M. the Glassboro Police Department responded to a large fight and two unconscious people in Beau. Two of the subjects told officers that they were assaulted by five unknown males who punched and kicked them in the head and face. They also robbed them, taking their money, cell phones, and wallets. There was also a third victim that was hit in the face with a vodka bottle causing a severe cut and broken bones in the face. Only three out of the five suspects were caught and police are looking for the others.

Because the victims were all Rowan students, Rowan University and Glassboro responded immediately. The next morning, Rowan Pubic Safety, the Glassboro command staff, the president of Rowan University, and the two vice presidents of Rowan met together. After rigorous hours of discussion, they came up with a solution.

Glassboro Police Department will be sending two or three officers to team up with two or three officers from Rowan Public Safety. Together they form the party patrol. The party patrol will be going on evenings and weekends to check for noise, parties, and any suspicious behavior.

“We’ve had robberies and sexual assaults before, but this was different because it was the first weekend that freshmen were alone, “said Timothy Michener, Director of Public Safety.

“We’ve already issued 87 citations in the first 18 days. Last year in the first 18 days we issued 15. We are taking this seriously,” said Michener.

The Beau Rivage landlord is also taking the proper precautions to try and prevent this from happening again. In fact, Mike Williams, landlord of Beau and President of Homeowner Association, drove back from a vacation to meet with the Rowan and Glassboro police the next morning.

Beau Rivage pays Glassboro police overtime for providing extra security every weekend. Although it is tedious for them to pay extra money for them to patrol, Beau Rivage has found that providing additional officers on foot has seemed to be the most effective. This allows the officers to become more mobile and allows them to patrol areas within a closer range.

“We have hired Glassboro police for security every weekend. This gives us private security. We’re going to continue down the path we’re going,” said Williams.

Although there was a DWI check on Route 322 in Glassboro the same night, Rowan Public Safety said there wasn’t any correlation between the assaults and robberies and the police presence at the DWI.

“I was appalled, fearful for the students, and I felt horrible for the families of the students that were treated so badly,” said Joanne Damminger, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Damminger claimed that there were several meetings set up amongst the Rowan administration to take immediate action. Their main concern was that harm caused to Rowan students was being caused off-campus and by non-students. The Division of Student Affairs is currently trying to make recommendations to President Farish about what should be done. In fact, the administration of Rowan University is planning a day-long retreat about alcohol abuse response. They will be focusing on what more to do, how to respond, and how to treat the students that have been harmed from the events.

Damminger felt that incidents like this could occur anywhere and at anytime, but they’ve never been a problem. She felt that it was different this time because of the number of students involved in the incidents. The particularly pleasant weather might have played a role in the incidents because of the amount of people that wanted to be outside together.

Students living in the nearby area are also taking proper precautions to protect themselves. Lauren Blose, a sophomore at Rowan University lives in the Beau Rivage townhouse complex. She didn’t think much of it when she returned to her apartment that night and saw the police at Beau. Police are usually patrolling the Beau area as it area is known for loud social events. She went to bed and figured it was the usual patrolling.

The next morning she checked the Owl Alert (the campus security email) and found out about the unfortunate events. After learning about the events she claims to have carried a can of Mace around with her the next night because she was fearful from the events the night before. She feels the police patrolling constantly are a step in the right direction towards a safer environment around campus.

“I’d rather get a ticket for drinking and have police constantly patrolling than get raped,” says Blose.

Tara Kalivas, a senior at Rowan University, lives in Campus Crossings the apartment complex right next to Beau Rivage. She claims she heard by word of mouth the next day and was surprised when she found out because she doesn’t remember this ever happening before since she’s lived there. Kalivas is concerned as to the way police are responding to the events. She feels that the police are concentrating too much on alcohol violations rather than the safety.

“Students should be educated about safety such as not walking alone. There should be more security people walking around and not only patrolling parties,” said Kalivas.

Aside from the extra patrolmen that Glassboro and Rowan are sending out, Rowan also has many precautions. Rowan has 47 blue light telephones for students to gain direct access to public safety. They also offer Rape Against Defense courses (12-hour self-defense courses) free of charge for women of all ages. Rowan Public Safety also offers an escort service free to all students at all hours of the night. The escort will take the student from where they are and return them to their final destination.

“Always believe that people by nature will rise to expectations, but what should be done is to have high reasonable expectations,” said Damminger.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Studio News Experience

Aside from still working 6 days a week and 40+ hours a week, I have had an interesting week. My manager notified me that Studio News (an internal news company for Disney) would be taping a transaction done at one of our stores to broadcast on the news program for the week. Every hour, a cast member in a store is required to do a Magical Moment with a guest. A Magical Moment can be as simple as playing a game of tic-tac-toe with a child or playing a trivia game with a guest. This particular broadcast was to portray what a Magical Moment looks like at our different stores.

I had the chance to meet and get to know what the Studio News team does. Every week they do a new show of the happenings and events taking place in Walt Disney World. The broadcast is then shown on all Disney Cast Member televisions in break rooms and different cast rooms so cast members are aware of what is going on in and around the company. The broadcaster explained how his particular pitch was to tape different Magical Moments done within all the parks to show cast members the variety of different Magical Moments.

It was interesting to see how an internal news company compares with an external news company. Internal news companies still have to go out and interview different people and cover different events, but they get to stay within the company. Everyone all shares a common interset as well; they work for Disney. External news companies can be a little more challenging as journalists and broadcasters are required to interview and talk with strangers on events that might not even affect the journalists in any way.

This week's Disney Exploration Series in Guest Service talked about different leadership skills. It was extremely interesting because the information didn't simply apply to Disney, but life applications as well. For example, we did a hands-on activity on what we thought what traits good and bad leaders should possess. We also talked about different stages of leadership. For example, in Disney there are three different stages of leadership in any working field; entry level management, area management, and general management. As a person works their way up less technical skills are needed and more of an emotional and IQ are needed.

We did an activity at the end in which we worked in partners. One partner was an angered guest and the other was the manager. In front of the class we had to act out how we would solve the situation and then perform instant guest recovery to make up for the poor experience the guest had. I found this to be extremely interesting because it was situations we deal with every day.